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Learn more about one of our newest features - document upload.

In version 0.7.0 we added support for document upload. Here’s a short introduction to what the feature contains.

Previously, participants have been able to write their texts using the text editor integrated into Emended. While this is fine for most users, some prefer to write their texts using a familiar word processor program. Copy-pasting from word processors, however, often leads to poor results.

With the introduction of document upload, users will instead be able to directly submit the file created by the word processor. Participants simply save the file on their computer in the supported format, and then click the “Upload document” button when submitting a text.

Currently Emended supports the Office Open XML (.docx) format, which is supported by most major word processors.

After uploading the document, participants are prompted to review the results and they may still edit the contents of their text before submitting it for review.

From the instructor’s perspective, the text will appear identically to having been written using Emended’s text editor, and comments can be attached in exactly the same way.