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We’ve added support for teams as well as many exciting teams-related features.

Create a team to collaborate with colleagues

You can now create a team to work together with your colleagues. Just create a team either when registering or as an existing user, and then invite your colleagues to join via email. You can also nominate administrators to help manage your team.

After joining your team, instructors will be able to create their workspaces inside your team. This gives your instructors and the participants in their workspaces a common environment to work in.

Currently teams offer the benefits of consolidated subscription management and LMS integration, which you can read more about below. Teams will also be the basis for more collaboration features in future updates.

Manage subscription for your entire team

One of the main benefits of creating a team is that all of the instructors in your team gain access to the team’s subscription. You only need to purchase the subscription once as the team admin, and all your instructors will automatically have access to Emended.

The subscription can be tailored to fit your needs by selecting the team size and subscription plan. Subscriptions come in two flavors - Emended STANDARD and Emended PREMIUM, with the latter including additional features. You can also modify the subscription plan and subscription period at any time.

All teams start with a free 30-day trial with full features and up to a hundred instructors.

Integrate to your LMS using LTI

As many organizations use a Learning Management System (LMS) in addition to Emended, we now allow single-click transition from your LMS to Emended.

The integration between your LMS and Emended follows a standard called Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), which is supported by most common LMS. This means you can set up the integration with minimal effort.

Both teachers and students can log in to Emended via the integration. Your teachers also get added to your team in Emended as an instructor, so you don’t even have to send invitations.

LTI integration requires a Emended PREMIUM subscription and can also be used during the free trial.

See our LTI guide for more information on how to take LTI into use.

Full changelog

  • EMD-879 Create a team for instructors in my organization
    • EMD-882 [NEW] Create a new team when registering a new instructor account
    • EMD-883 [NEW] Redirect to team management after creating a team when registering
    • EMD-880 [NEW] Create a new team as an existing instructor
    • EMD-881 [NEW] Redirect to team management after creating a team
  • EMD-884 Edit basic information of my team
    • EMD-885 [NEW] Edit team name
  • EMD-889 Invite team members via email
    • EMD-890 [NEW] Invite instructors to join team via email
    • EMD-892 [NEW] Revoke existing email invitations
    • EMD-891 [NEW] See all pending email invitations
    • EMD-893 [NEW] Join a team by clicking the link in invitation email
    • EMD-912 [NEW] Join team directly after creating a new account when following invitation link
    • EMD-894 [NEW] Read and accept disclaimer about implications of joining a team
  • EMD-886 Manage users in my team
    • EMD-887 [NEW] See a list of all instructors in a team
    • EMD-888 [NEW] Remove any user from a team
  • EMD-897 Nominate administrators to help manage the team
    • EMD-898 [NEW] Grant team admin access to another team member
    • EMD-899 [NEW] Remove team admin access from another team member
    • EMD-900 [NEW] Give up team admin access
  • EMD-895 Manage the team as team owner
    • EMD-896 [NEW] Have full access to the team as team owner
  • EMD-950 Restrict access to my team and to materials in my team to team members only
    • EMD-951 [NEW] Allow creating workspaces to team only if user belongs to team
    • EMD-952 [NEW] Allow viewing data only if user belongs to team
    • EMD-953 [NEW] Allow participants to view their submission regardless of whether they belong to the team
  • EMD-967 View information about a team I'm an instructor in
    • EMD-968 [NEW] See a list of current teams I belong to
    • EMD-969 [NEW] View details about a team I belong to
    • EMD-1070 [NEW] Leave a team an instructor
  • EMD-970 Access materials in teams one team at a time
    • EMD-971 [NEW] Access team administration using the role dropdown menu
    • EMD-973 [NEW] See a list of spaces based on the workspaces I'm participating
  • EMD-939 Purchase a subscription for my team
    • EMD-917 [NEW] Receive free trial for new team
    • EMD-919 [NEW] Purchase a new subscription for a team
    • EMD-920 [NEW] Select one of the available plans when purchasing a team subscription
    • EMD-921 [NEW] Select the subscription period when purchasing a team subscription
    • EMD-928 [NEW] Read about alternative payment methods in team subscription form
    • EMD-998 [NEW] Redirect to create a team if selecting team subscription and without eligible teams
    • EMD-937 [NEW] Apply VAT on top of the base price for team subscriptions
    • EMD-938 [NEW] Do not pay VAT if valid VAT number is entered
    • EMD-918 [NEW] See team subscription status
    • EMD-923 [NEW] Change team subscription plan
    • EMD-922 [NEW] Change team subscription period
    • EMD-933 [NEW] When downgrading team subscription type, apply the changes after current subscription instance ends
    • EMD-936 [NEW] When subscribing during free trial, apply the changes after the free trial
    • EMD-934 [NEW] When upgrading team subscription, apply the changes immediately
    • EMD-935 [NEW] When upgrading team subscription, pay for the price difference for the remainder of the current subscription
    • EMD-931 [NEW] See current team payment details
    • EMD-932 [NEW] Change team payment details
    • EMD-926 [NEW] Receive instructor slots into my team depending on subscription plan
    • EMD-924 [NEW] Cancel team subscription
    • EMD-930 [NEW] Show upgrade button to team admins when team is selected and on free trial or without current subscription
    • EMD-929 [NEW] Do not show upgrade button to team instructors when team is selected
    • EMD-925 [SYS] Support subscription features which include a value
  • EMD-946 Learn about subscription options before purchase
    • EMD-947 [NEW] See all subscription options before purchasing any subscription
    • EMD-704 [NEW] Read about option to purchase team subscription before purchasing individual
    • EMD-948 [NEW] Select individual subscription option in the pricing table
    • EMD-949 [NEW] Select team subscription option in the pricing table
  • EMD-940 View all previous and current trials and invoices and their status
    • EMD-941 [NEW] See billing history for team
  • EMD-942 Understand the difference between individual and team subscriptions
    • EMD-944 [NEW] See a list of teams I have access through
    • EMD-945 [NEW] Display "Buy subscription" rather than "Upgrade now" in the top bar button
  • EMD-962 Integrate to my LMS using LTI
    • EMD-964 [NEW] Create new LTI integration
    • EMD-963 [NEW] View LTI plugin status
    • EMD-993 [NEW] Remove existing LTI integration
    • EMD-966 [NEW] Use existing account when signing in via LTI
    • EMD-965 [NEW] Create new account when signing in via LTI
  • EMD-978 Administer basic information of teams as a system administrator
    • EMD-977 [NEW] See basic information for a team
    • EMD-976 [NEW] See a list of all teams
  • EMD-979 Administer teams' subscriptions as a system administrator
    • EMD-980 [NEW] See subscription information for a team
    • EMD-981 [NEW] See subscription history for a team
    • EMD-982 [NEW] Cancel team subscription instance
    • EMD-983 [NEW] Modify status of team invoice payment
    • EMD-984 [NEW] Modify status of team invoice
    • EMD-985 [NEW] Create additional payment for team invoice payment
    • EMD-988 [NEW] Activate a team's subscription using manual payment method
    • EMD-986 [NEW] Grant additional free trial subscription periods
    • EMD-990 [NEW] Have option for a custom subscription with no restrictions
    • EMD-989 [NEW] Cancel a team's subscription
  • EMD-991 [CHG] Distinguish more easily between different roles in signup form
  • EMD-1013 [FIX] Terms of service and privacy policy links point to the wrong address
[NEW] = New features
[CHG] = Changed features
[FIX] = Bugfixes
[SYS] = Internal changes