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We’ve improved usability and fixed and improved various small issues.

Edit task deadlines

We’ve made it possible to modify task deadlines after a task is created, so you’ll be able to modify any deadline in case you made a mistake or just need to give your students a deadline extension.

This is particularly useful when duplicating an existing workspace, as you’ll be able to update the task deadlines for the current iteration of your workspace.

Stay logged in longer

We’ve fixed an issue that was causing some users to become logged out sooner than intended. After this change, you will stay logged in for one hour at a time, and the duration is refreshed as long as you are actively using the system.

Just as before, always remember to log out once you’ve finished your work in case you’re using a public computer.

Filter out broken templates when importing

Previously when importing templates from a file the import would fail if any of the templates could not be imported. Now you will get a separate list of templates which could not be imported, displayed under the table of templates, and you will still be able to proceed with the import.

This can happen for example due to a template’s name being too long in the system from which you exported the templates, or if you’ve manually modified the file with templates.

Get more information if running into problems

No matter how well we’ve made Emended, something unexpected can always happen: your Internet connection might be interrupted, your login session might expire, and so on.

Whatever the cause for an error, you will now see a dialog displaying more information about the situation. Most importantly, the dialog includes information that you can send to Emended support, so that we’ll be able to track down and fix the cause.

Full changelog

  • EMD-534 [NEW] Deadlines can be modified after a task is created
  • EMD-462 [NEW] A message is shown if the current session has expired
  • EMD-392 [NEW] More information is displayed when encountering an error
  • EMD-765 [NEW] When importing templates from a file, templates that contained errors are listed separately rather than preventing import
  • EMD-480 [CHG] A subtle loading indicator is shown while changing between pages to prevent interaction
  • EMD-766 [CHG] Minor changes to the layout of the comment menu
  • EMD-775 [CHG] A placeholder text is shown in the commenting page to clarify where overall comment is written
  • EMD-804 [FIX] Fix an issue causing user to become logged out too soon
  • EMD-778 [FIX] Fix an issue causing automatic login to fail when registering an email account with capital letters
  • EMD-769 [FIX] Small fixes to translations
  • EMD-776 [FIX] Fix an issue causing incorrect user count to be shown in the system administrator user management page
[NEW] = New features
[CHG] = Changed features
[FIX] = Bugfixes
[SYS] = Internal changes