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You can now organize your templates into collections and work more easily with templates in general.

Organize templates into collections

You can now create template collections from the template manager, and add your templates to as many collections as you like, using simple drag and drop functionality.

Once you’ve arranged your templates into collections, you can then select a collection to display when giving feedback or managing your templates, helping you focus on just the templates you need.

View and manage a large amount of templates more easily

We’ve updated the template manager so that templates are displayed as buttons instead of a long list. This will help you find your templates if you have dozens or even hundreds of them, as many of you do.

We’ve also fixed an issue that caused templates to be displayed in wrong order. Templates, categories and collections are now always sorted alphabetically, making sure you’ll find them just where you expect to.

Finally, by hovering your mouse over a template in the template manager, you will now see its full name and content, helping you identify your templates.

Full changelog

  • EMD-786 Templates can now be organized into collections
    • EMD-784 [NEW] Templates can be filtered by collection in the template manager
    • EMD-785 [NEW] Templates can be filtered by collection when commenting
    • EMD-797 [NEW] Templates can be added to a collection when imported
    • EMD-818 [NEW] Name and description for templates is shown when hovered in the template manager
    • EMD-223 [NEW] Templates can be added to collections using drag and drop
    • EMD-224 [NEW] Templates can be created directly into collections
    • EMD-781 [NEW] Template collections can be created with a name and description
    • EMD-782 [NEW] Template collection name and description can be edited
    • EMD-795 [NEW] Collections are listed in the template manager
    • EMD-816 [NEW] All templates belonging to a collection can be highlighted by hovering the collection
    • EMD-817 [NEW] Template is automatically added to collection if collection is selected
    • EMD-830 [CHG] Sample templates are added to a specific collection
  • EMD-815 [CHG] Updated template manager layout to be more space efficient
  • EMD-827 [FIX] Templates are sorted in alphabetical order
[NEW] = New features
[CHG] = Changed features
[FIX] = Bugfixes
[SYS] = Internal changes