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We’ve added document upload, longer login sessions, and a ton of fixes and improvements.

Upload documents as text submissions

Your workspace participants may now submit their texts by uploading a .docx file that they’ve written in a word processor. This makes text submission much more convenient for those of your participants who prefer to write their text on their favorite word processor application, rather than directly in Emended.

Docx is a format that is supported by most modern word processors and office applications.

You as an instructor will not need to change anything regardless of whether you receive texts submitted using document upload, as the texts will be displayed the same, regardless of where they were written.

Enjoy longer login sessions

We’ve changed the way that login sessions work, to make using Emended even more convenient for you.

First of all, we’ve extended the duration of your login sessions greatly - you will now stay logged on for a minimum of eight hours after logging in, and the duration is refreshed as long as you are actively using your account. This should ensure that you never get logged out when you meant to continue your work.

Additionally, your session will now be cleared when you close your browser. This will help protect your account if you forget to log out, but close your browser or your computer.

As always, remember to log out when you finish your work to ensure safety of your user account.

Avoid accidental submissions

Both instructors and participants now see a confirmation dialog before submitting their feedback or text, respectively. This will help avoid any accidental submissions.

More improvements

When giving feedback, you can now see the full description of your templates by hovering the template in the commenting menu. This should help you remember what you meant to do with each of your templates.

We’ve updated the layout of the commenting menu so that template categories are more easily distinguishable.

The link menu at the top of the page is now shown as soon as you start scrolling up, saving you the trouble of scrolling all the way to the top.

When creating or editing a template, you can now see a full list of all your categories when clicking on the template category before you write anything. This will help you remember the categories you like to use with your templates.

More fixes

We’ve fixed an issue that allowed participants to join your workspace multiple times. You could experience this as receiving multiple email notifications, and by seeing the participant’s name multiple times in the workspace page. Participants may still use the workspace enrollment link to access your workspace multiple times, but they will no longer join the workspace more than once.

We’ve fixed an issue that caused the task deadline to be offset for some users when creating a new task, depending on your timezone. Editing the task deadline did not experience the issue.

Full changelog

  • EMD-832 Upload document from a word processor as a submission
    • EMD-840 [NEW] Office .docx documents can now be uploaded as text submissions
    • EMD-831 [NEW] Confirmation dialog is shown when submitting feedback
    • EMD-852 [NEW] Confirmation dialog is shown when submitting a text
    • EMD-855 [NEW] Template content is shown when hovering the template in the comment menu
    • EMD-846 [NEW] Information about document upload is shown before uploading document
    • EMD-847 [NEW] A warning is shown in document upload dialog if a text already exists
    • EMD-848 [NEW] Text is autosaved after successful upload
    • EMD-849 [NEW] A progress indicator is shown while uploading document
    • EMD-850 [NEW] A confirmation message is shown after successful document upload
    • EMD-851 [NEW] An error message is shown after failed document upload
  • EMD-819 [CHG] Clear login session when closing browser
  • EMD-820 [CHG] Extend duration of sessions
  • EMD-839 [CHG] Improve layout of the comment menu
  • EMD-833 [CHG] Display link menu when scrolling up
  • EMD-834 [CHG] Display all categories when entering template category
  • EMD-836 [CHG] Clarify descriptions of task workflows
  • EMD-837 [CHG] Disallow selecting a single revision in multiple revisions workflow
  • EMD-857 [CHG] Improved formatting of template categories in the template manager
  • EMD-826 [CHG] Improve organization of subscription catalogs
  • EMD-835 [FIX] Fix an issue allowing participant to join workspace multiple times
  • EMD-825 [FIX] Fix an issue causing task deadlines to be offset
  • EMD-824 [FIX] Fix small issues in translations
[NEW] = New features
[CHG] = Changed features
[FIX] = Bugfixes
[SYS] = Internal changes