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We’ve improved how team invitations work, and added many smaller fixes and improvements.

Improved team invitations

We’ve made it faster and easier to accept team invitations sent by a team admin.

If the team member accepts the invitation by creating a new Emended account with the same email address that they were invited with, the account can now be created instantly based on the invitation. This makes it a lot faster to accept team invitations in most cases.

We’ve also redesigned the pages that the team member sees when reviewing the invitation and creating their account, so the entire process is more streamlined and understandable overall.

More understandable names for task workflows

We’ve changed the names of the task workflows to be more descriptive.

The new names are:

  • One submission
  • Specified number of submissions
  • Unspecified number of submissions

All of your tasks still have the same task workflow that you’ve selected - only the names have changed.

We’ve also made it clearer for participants of your workspaces which workflow your tasks are using.

Full changelog

  • EMD-1217 Improve workflow for team member invitations
    • EMD-1218 [NEW] Create account without email confirmation when possible due to team invitation
    • EMD-1064 [CHG] Automatically create suitable type of account when registering in order to join a team
  • EMD-1229 Improve and fix various texts
    • EMD-1212 [CHG] Update copywriting for task workflow names and descriptions
    • EMD-1066 [CHG] Make action buttons in task summary more understandable
    • EMD-1221 [FIX] One of Finnish translations is missing on template sharing page
    • EMD-1202 [FIX] Fix typo in template deletion dialog
  • EMD-1060 [CHG] Translate and localize the date picker calendar
  • EMD-1067 [NEW] See details about the task workflow as a participant
  • EMD-975 [CHG] See the space switcher every time when logging in as participant with multiple spaces
  • EMD-1219 [CHG] Disable spellcheck for submission input
  • EMD-1054 [FIX] Template edit and creation dialog is missing input validation
  • EMD-1225 [FIX] Error message is shown when deleting last collection
  • EMD-1214 [FIX] User name remains visible after logging out
  • EMD-1208 [FIX] Currently selected collection is not suggested when creating new template
  • EMD-1041 [SYS] Add further authorization checks to the API implementation
  • EMD-1207 [NEW] Exclude teachers and admins from student report in the reporter tool
[NEW] = New features
[CHG] = Changed features
[FIX] = Bugfixes
[SYS] = Internal changes