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We’ve greatly improved the performance and usability of the dashboard.

Full changelog

  • EMD-1204 Improve usability and performance of the dashboard
    • EMD-1001 [CHG] Use pagination in the dashboard for faster loading times
    • EMD-1226 [CHG] Streamline workspace page layout by removing submission list
    • EMD-1243 [CHG] Start submission with one click instead of two
  • EMD-1256 Receive notifications of sales-related events
    • EMD-1235 [NEW] Receive notification of purchases
    • EMD-1249 [NEW] Receive notification of VAT validations
    • EMD-1251 [NEW] Receive notification for new team creation
  • EMD-1245 Improve and fix various texts
    • EMD-1238 [CHG] Update copyediting for emails related to submissions
    • EMD-1239 [CHG] Update copyediting for activity log items related to submissions
    • EMD-1242 [CHG] Clarify what happens to participant submissions when participant is removed from workspace
  • EMD-1017 Improve development tool usability
    • EMD-489 [SYS] Move dev folder in Vagrant to user's home directory
    • EMD-1045 [SYS] Improve development build tasks to optimize the workflow
    • EMD-1046 [SYS] Support wider range of environments for development
    • EMD-1057 [SYS] Use local web server node library instead of nginx in local development
  • EMD-1244 [CHG] Show role and space for participant even with only one option
  • EMD-1247 [CHG] Remove breadcrumb path in workspaces and enrollments pages
  • EMD-1253 [CHG] Remove archived workspaces button
  • EMD-1254 [CHG] Update typography for roles on portal page
  • EMD-1213 [FIX] Subscription cycle is offset by one day per month
  • EMD-1231 [FIX] Clicking outside of dialog closes dialog without confirmation
  • EMD-1248 [FIX] Workspace page is missing a Finnish translation
[NEW] = New features
[CHG] = Changed features
[FIX] = Bugfixes
[SYS] = Internal changes