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We’ve made it easier for participants to write new revisions of their text, and updated the design for various pages.

Full changelog

  • EMD-1279 Redesign part of UI elements and pages
    • EMD-1276 [CHG] Update design for workspace pages
    • EMD-1277 [CHG] Show modal dialogs instantaneously without animation
    • EMD-1280 [CHG] Update design for loading animation
  • EMD-1274 [NEW] Continue writing from previous revision
  • EMD-1278 [CHG] Update texts on login page
  • EMD-867 [CHG] Generalize urls in analytics
  • EMD-1259 [FIX] Team space is shown multiple times for participant
  • EMD-1260 [FIX] Participant is redirected to portal after submission
  • EMD-1261 [FIX] Submission action buttons have inconsistent spacing
  • EMD-1262 [FIX] Submission action button in details dialog does not work
  • EMD-1263 [FIX] Subscription management buttons are not shown if subscription history is empty
[NEW] = New features
[CHG] = Changed features
[FIX] = Bugfixes
[SYS] = Internal changes