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We’ve made various small tweaks to functionality, layout and copyediting.

Full changelog

  • EMD-2084 Update copyediting across the application
    • EMD-2055 [CHG] Change "LTI" text to "LMS integration" in team management
    • EMD-2037 [CHG] Update copyediting for access code dialog
    • EMD-2053 [CHG] Change spelling of licenses to licences
    • EMD-2047 [CHG] Change text for individual space dropdown
    • EMD-2052 [CHG] Update copyediting for team member invitations
    • EMD-2049 [CHG] Update tagline in emails
    • EMD-2054 [CHG] Update copyediting for sales contact links
    • EMD-2050 [CHG] Update copyediting for team management
  • EMD-1289 [CHG] Disable free trial when signing up to join or create a team
  • EMD-1290 [CHG] Remove sample workspaces
  • EMD-2048 [CHG] Use same edit pen icon across the app
  • EMD-2046 [CHG] Remove action buttons from workspace and task overview
  • EMD-2045 [CHG] Remove activity log
[NEW] = New features
[CHG] = Changed features
[FIX] = Bugfixes
[SYS] = Internal changes